I'm back...

It's been a long, long. long time, since I wrote my last blog post.

A lot of things happen...
So here is the "sum up"...

I moved to Aveiro, because I got a new job, I really thought that was a job that fitted me, but then I started to feel the insecurity of it and started to freak out. I'm a freak-out-fanatic so... my brain started to move my mind to all this negative sort of places that pulled me to wrong places. I quit gym, I couldn't help to get a good routine, I wasn't okay. Then I decided to take a new master. I guess I always wanted to go back to college and get a degree in Marketing, so I did it. Some economic bullshit came along and my ex-company decided to cut me off. Yes... I went really really nuts about it, but I was unemployed for only a month or less. I started to work again, in the area that I always wanted to work Marketing and Communications. Then I got engaged!!! (wowowowowoowwo) We are getting married next year. Bride to be. Bridezilla work in progress!

So here I am, after 9 months. I'm working in internal and digital communications and I'm loving it. I love it so much that I work a lot, the travel to the office is exhausting. And classes from the first year of my master were intense.

Right now I'm living in a place called extreme fatigue. I need vacations and they are just around the corner.

For the past month I travel to a place that it wasn't really good for me and for my people. I just couldn't see the good and all of the pleasure I could had from my favorite things to do was gone. I haven't been able to get myself together. Several facts and situations didn't help at all. But the work (that I love and that is never over because of the nature of it), my master (I'm starting to write my thesis this month), a wedding to plan and be extremely happy about this all are merged with some extreme fatigue made me sad, negative and I just couldn't see the things getting better.

Right now and for the best I'm taking matters and I've started to get organized and get things done. I didn't see the change on my mood and on my negative thoughts change from a day to another, but simple things and some accomplishments are helping me day by day to feel a lot better.

I see it as a journey to believe in myself again and get back to a positive attitude that I always feel that could inspire others, specially my beloved ones. This comeback to the blog is a way to help me telling stories about me and I hope I could help someone in my journey.

I hope I can find a good place to stay. So I've started with the blog posts... to help me realize that I could tell people that it is okay to be vulnerable, to feel sad and to get upon it, specially you can make yourself better. I do believe that I can help myself, because I'm the only one that matter at this point. So let's do this!

Tomorrow I promise I come back with a new post... :) 


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