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Well, so I've decided that I wanted to be more organized and have more time at home to do other important things that I've been struggling to have time, like... watch a movie every now and then in the middle of the week, or go out to have a coffee in the middle of the week with friends or just get more cosy with my fiancé (this is weird, still haven't believe in this situation wedding kind of thing, but let's move on :D) etc..

Right now I work far from home, I get up really early, I have a weeding to plan and a thesis to master. So I really need to be really really organized to get things done at home. So I've started from a macro view point, where both me and N. need to do things in a different way and both of us, in areas like house cleaning, storage, our home office, etc. The plan is working out really great and now I've been able to get my house-cleaning-daily-dinner-making-cats-sitting life in control, since now I really need to take good focus on my thesis, i've been making the changes in my own things.

When we started to get our house lean (yes, lean philosophy management way), we went through every room to get things on it's right place. I can make a post about that if you  want me to. N. found that I really had more clothes than him and It would be nice to have more space. So even if we do have a really nice house and a room closet, I'm still the one with more clothes.. No surprises. 

I look at my side and I thought "Would it be nice If I just did that capsule wardrobe thing? Steve Jobs did it, so let's do that!"

I had read some things about the capsule wardrobe from minimalist bloggers and I started to go back on my bookmarks, but I could'f find the mentor, so if you please find out just let me know. I wen to several blogs and decided to go for it, with no excuses.

1 - I just took everything out in piles.
2 - got a lot of bags and prepare to wash a lot of clothes :P
3 - Then I started with accessories: I sort a lot of things from "Use every week" to "Occasion" to "Don't use over 6 to 12 months. It was really easy! Lot of stuff to trash and to donate.
4 - Went to the clothes. First: priority was next season. Separated the big winter and autumn coats, got 1 to the dry cleaning bag and I was good to go to the other things: blouses, knit, trousers, dresses, occasion. 
5 - I decided to make a weekend wardrobe and a work week wardrobe. My focus was on the work week and I just selected some items that I really like, that are really good with the other things, very versatile and that i really use every week and the other I separated for weekend pile and saved some items for my mom. I've placed the big knit tops and sweaters on my Ikea Malm, after sorting what I don't use/or like.
6 - I've managed to get 25 pieces: dresses and tops. Arrange them by occasion, then I get the fancy dresses far away from my daily eye closet. This will keeps my mind more focused on what I have to where for the working week. I arrange them by colors (so fancy). 
7- I've checked again the guides and websites that I've been reading and found out want I need to by to make this closet amazing and minimalist! (SUCCESS) I need 2 skirts, a white blouse (with long sleeves), black and nude chino trousers and a white blazer. 

I have a lot of things still to organize that are now being wash and need an iron but I guess I can now make the most of my mornings.

I did find the time to check my jewelry but I guess I'm doing it soon so I can really get the picture of the multiple combinations that I can make with 20 pieces + 5 jackets/blazers + 6 pairs of shoes and a lot of bags, scarfs, necklaces etc.

The main objective is to have more time, more control of this area and feel the lightness of effortless decisions (I'm really a person that has  struggle to find a matching piece or to be on the mood for a skirt) therefore I feel already a winner because I just throw away so many pieces to donate, to my mom, even for friends and well that felt good. This a process, right now I need to go shopping (well hello there...) and since I'm on vacations this week I can really check if this is working fine. So far I've only set up my weekend wardrobe and it was okay!

I'm giving you all the links that I read/check to do this. This is just a way for me to have more time, doesn't mean you have to do it, as I said can really have a solid opinion, so I set the alarm to talk back about this within a month :) I think this way and these options will suit me better, and I've made my capsule based in the things I read and my daily routine!

Have a nice week!

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